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Vow Renewals / Anniversary Ceremony

A couple may decide to hold a ceremony to renew their marriage vows for a number of different reasons. Some want to declare their continuing love for each other on an anniversary.

Reaffirmation ceremonies are also suitable for married couples who, after separation, are reunited.

For couples who have been through a particularly difficult time, a renewal of vows ceremony can be an act of hope and a new start for the relationship; where regrets and mistakes are formally left behind.

Other couples renew their vows publicly because they were married overseas/interstate where their family and friends could not share the joy of their wedding day with them.

Some couples feel the need for such a ceremony when their original wedding ceremony, for one reason or another, does not hold the meaning they desire.

Depending on the reason for the renewal of vows ceremony and the experiences of the couple a unique introduction reflecting the views and feelings of the couple can be created by the couple or I can write one especially for you.

The couple may wish to reaffirm the same vows as they exchanged on their wedding day, or write new vows that reflect the experiences and maturity of the relationship.